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  1. smita saikia

    The whole promo of the film has been so awesome.looking forward for the release of the film.the subject is really interesting n it looks so very realistic with such natural make up n all.i would like to wish the entire team of Breakdown all the very best n i a personal message to my friend dhanendra .i m proud to be yur friend…all the very best team Breakdown…

  2. Brigitte Russo

    The video in the pitch page describes the movie very well, the bios are interesting and put together. I love the gallery as it shows the bright colors and the dramatic scenes of the film. I really appreciate all the work that is put on the website and how impelling the story is.

  3. Helena

    I am so happy to see how well the funding did go !
    It would be wonderful to see the movie at the Locarno Filmfestival here in Switzerland too.
    I am sure the film will be a great success in any case !

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